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Budget to Korea for students

It was not easy to earn money for travelling in blink of an eye. It needs effort for someone who is not capable like me. This is different for a person who travel alone or with spouse or family without using agent. Like us, we have to pay for a certain amount stated by the agent and pay it two months prior trip (we have to wait for the approval procedure). Thus, our group did some activities to gain fund. One of it was doing carwash services for the lecturer in UiTM. 

Villa Valley View, Kota Belud Sabah

For those who wish to do some relaxing water activities during hot can visit this place in Kota Belud. My housemates and I supposed to visit in another area which also has the river to play with and already got famous in Facebook, but we got lost and at the end we found this place. hahah..okey lets go!

DAY 4 in Seoul!

On day 4 was our schedule with the Gabungan Mahasiswa SeMalaysia in Seoul, Korea. We had a forum regarding Islamic tourism, Halal and other discussion by two experience Malaysian entrepreneur who opened up a guesthouse and a Malay restaurant. It was a good sharing session with them and we had a chance to dine in in his restaurant named, Kampungku.
We visited 2 universities: Korea University and Sejong University.

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