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Hi readers,

Today, I would like to share with you my experience for being a part 1 students in UiTM Sabah (diploma).

You must be wondering what are the things that you are going to do.Well, first, all the part 1 students will be given a place in Kolej Kediaman (hostel of UiTM). Therefore, do not worry for the 1st semester (especially for direct intake). As in my experience, my dad sent me to UiTM Sabah and I went to the Dewan Serbaguna to take the UiTM special bus then they sent us to our hostel (for the girls). You can bring your own pillow because they only provide the mattress on bed. They also did not provide the sheeting of mattress, therefore, bring yours, single bed size is perfect. Then, bring pail (if you need it) because you can just take bath through shower provided. Don't worry because there are plenty of bathrooms there. However, you can bought all the things that I have said from shops near UiTM which are Indah Permai, Sulaman Central or shops nearby because its cheaper (google for it..hehe).

After that, I started to have my orientation called MDS. Don't worry about the orientation because all of the facilitators are very friendly and helpful to you as a new students. The activities are also beneficial for you to gain information of UiTM such as next step to do in UiTM and what are activities that you can join in the campus. Although, I slept very late during the orientation and woke up so early in the morning, but it was for my own good because for the next 5 semester, I will have to stay up late because of the assignments, wake up early to go to class. Catch up the bus or walk to class, trust me, I really miss those time to be a students in campus. It was so much fun because I get through it with all my new friends.

Okay, back to the story, my first day of orientation was the registration session at Dewan Serbaguna. But now, they have already move to Dewan Al-Bukhari, Ujana Sarjana, that one building with which is almost similar to Colosseum shape (probably....). That time, all forms like copies of birth and IC certificate were needed.
They are also picture taking for student card process. So, wear as smart as you can for that time. For the girls, try to make yourself not pale by wearing little lipstick, lip balm, lip ice or what ever it is. Hahaha as long as you are not pale because you are going to wear your student ID for the whole 3 years of diploma or should I just say two and a half year of diploma..

Then, I want to mention about timetable of classes. 1st day of class must be so excited right? hehe well, my tips are, never ever escape the 1st day of class because you might miss the important part of the whole semester especially for Tourism students. Trust me, I have been through that situation...Hehe... okay, if you are confuse with your timetable, you can ask your facilitators (kakak PM or abang PM they called it) specifically your senior in your course. They will help you as much as they can. But, if you are to shy to ask, you may search the UiTM students portal and go to the "academic" buttons. Click the "class timetable" or just go to this link:

Then, to know about your subjects with codes through all 6 semester, you may click as shown in this picture,

Got it? great ! Any questions, just put in the comment below.
Thank you and all the best! :)


  1. abt validation course.. i've clicked the validate button but i haven't print it.. is it still considered tht i hvnt validate??

    1. from my experience, it is better to have the pdf save document or hard copy, just in case if the system goes wrong. Believe me, there were some of my friends had experience it. So, for precaution steps, it is better to keep some of the printing or soft copy of it.

  2. Kalau student dari semenanjung, ada bas x provide kat airport pergi ke uitm

    1. Kalau dari airport memang tak ada bas khas ke UiTM.
      Biasanya ambik teksi terus ke UiTM.

  3. Replies
    1. Lebih kurang 8km jaraknya..kalau guna kereta kurang 15 minit dah boleh sampai bergantung dengan perjalanan trafik.

  4. Medical check up x bole buat lepas register ke sbb x sempat buat ni

  5. Medical check up x bole buat lepas register ke sbb x sempat buat ni

    1. boleh, sebab ada yang buat macam tu juga..sebab report medical check up tu x payah bagi time pendaftaran, tapi cuma bagi kat unit kesihatan uitm...


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